Friday, November 28, 2008

Random x 3

Okay, so I've got a few things to say. One, I updated my quote blog with some random quotes that my friends said. It's hilarious. I haven't updated recently cuz of issues invovling my parents being nosy. Not fun. So now I have some things to say....:

1) During chapel a few days ago there was a fantasic metaphor that went unnoticed due to the fact that it was an "accident". You see, the dude who was talking to us made a little snowman out of clay and while he was talking about Creation and all that (we're going back to Genisis here, peeps) his little snowman (clayman?) fell over. DON'T YOU GUYS SEE WHAT THAT MEANS??? Okay, so I see it as we fall down all the time, and only the One who made us (God) can pick us back up because we CAN'T do that on our own. So I basically thought that it was mega-cool, but stupid that I was the only one who seemed to notice.

2) A few days ago at school we had a really good devotional, but (of course) i can't simply copy/paste it, so i'll just summerize. I guess it's on the same theme as the chapel thing was, it was about how God is a potter and turns us into beautiful teacups, but to do so He's gotta put us in the oven and it hurts at the time but is all worth it in the end when God can use us for all kinds of cool things. To go with that, here's a link to a song that's kinda about that, but not really. It's more about trusting God while He's working in us.

3) I saw a really cool video on the net a few days ago. I'd heard the story before through chain mail, but I think it's really cool (as in the REAL type of cool) so here's a link to that....Let's try to get it around!! I mean, really, if somethings this great, we can't just keep it to ourselves.

I guess that's it, for now. I wont get to update for a while, likely, so I guess that sucks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Metaphore Updates

Everything I learned, I learned in Social Studies, or so I used to say. And you know what? It stands true. Well, kind of. I'm still learning from last year's Social Studies class. Okay, a long time ago before I deleted this blog, I said that my Social Studies teacher called the class homogenous (hahaha...people thought that he was calling us milk...good times, good times). As in we were all the same. But maybe he was looking at us without a microscope. Homogenous things can be either mixtures or pure substances. Maybe he was refering to us as a really well mixed mixture, as in we all look the same but really there are a lot of different particals in there. So now I'm trying to figure this out. But he said it like an insult, like he was pittying us. Wait a tick, if we're all the same, what the heck am I? A flick of dirt that got in with it? Doesn't that mean that eventually an outside force will try to take me out of the mixture? Throw me on the ground? Or is this like a kool-aide mix and I'm a chunk of undiluted powder that's eventually gonna get mixed in? Sure, let's go with that. So I'm a piece of undiluted kool-aide powder. Great. My friends are too and so maybe we're clumping together so that it's less likely for us to get into the mix with everyone....but the parts that joined last on the outside are the ones that are gonna come off first....the ones who'll be first to join the mixture....guess who joined my group of friends last? Yeps, that would be me. Which means that if any of us are gonna get pulled into the mixture, I'm gonna be first. Fun, eh? Okay, now onto an equally depressing metaphore.

Remember the whole thing with the quotation marks? Well, my english teacher was talking about quotation marks and she mentioned this book. A book that didn't use quotation marks, but because of that it all ended up feeling more real. See where this is going? If everyone weren't such quotation marks of imitation, then maybe we'd all feel more real. Nice thought, eh? Too bad it's highly unlikely. Which is what makes it depressing. Aren't I just being so happy today.

Okay, so those are my updated metaphores. Also, I can't update much cuz my parents found out about my blog so I've gotta keep it a secret adress while I can....Okay, I should go now...