Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Smiling (and ranting)

This morning I woke up and the first thing I thought was "I've got my old blog back, life is good" question is HOW did I get my old blog back. The thing is, when you typed it in before it said that you couldn't make a blog with this name. Yet, somehow I have my old blog back. Yesterday evening I decided I wanted to make another blog. Usually I would have gone onto my new account, but I had a feeling that I should make use of my old one. And then, just joking around to see the computer's reaction, I typed in somecoolthoughts711 to see if it would let someone make a blog called that. And it did. Even thought it wasn't supposed to. So I am so happy right now. Life is perfect. 20/20. Because lately it's been a bit more like 1/20....not even kidding, I've been keeping track. So I'm perfectly happy...I'm not sure if I've ever been this happy before. So now I need a quote for today (by the way, I'm still kinda in band camp mode so don't hold something this corny against me) so the quote is "Oboes have the right of A"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite quotes BECAUSE IT'S TRUE! But did the conductor GIVE us oboes the right of A??? NO! She gave the CLARINETS the right of B-FLAT!!!! And everyone knows that OBOES are supposed to tune the band to A! Well, the woodwinds anyways...And it didn't matter than THE ENTIRE OBOE SECTION wrote "Oboes have the right of A" on our stand-tages...SHE JUST IGNORED US! Maybe that's because 2/3 of the oboists were new (in other words we weren't even supposed to BE at the camp...I haven't been playing of the required year) and the other girl hadn't practiced all summer...So the oboe section kinda sucked, but STILL! IT'S TRADITIONAL for OBOES to tune the WOODWINDS! DUH! And the clarinetist played the LOWER octave B-flat...and EVERYONE knows that you're supposed to use the UPPER octave! DUH! I mean, when I played clarinet (there was no oboe in the band) I ALWAYS tuned the band (okay only the woodwinds) and I KNOW that you're supposed to play A not B-FLAT (b-flat is used to tune the brass) and either way it HAS TO BE THE UPPER OCTAVE!!! Okay....I'm gonna stop ranting now...And I'll calm down and go out of band camp mode...But you know what else rocks? I got THREE new reeds yesterday and they ALL work PERFECTLY!!! And in case you don't know, oboe reeds are really expensive (10 dollars per reed) but they are really picky...And one teeny tiny glitch could cause them not to work. And so having THREE that work is AMAZING. So I'm pretty happy. In fact, I think I'm so happy that I might clean my room today! I'm serious! But I'm perfectly happy just blogging here for the rest of my life. What else is there to rant about? OH! I have another quote from band camp! "If your weekly shower is on Saturday, could you do it tonight?"...that's what our MATHTASTICAL conductor said on thuresday, the night before the concert. Then the camp coordinator said "Sure mrs. Lee, I'll take my shower tonight"....even thought she was totally talking to the students! He was joking (I think) and it was SO FUNNY...and then there was the whole "oboe stick of death" thing that I'm not even gonna get into...Let's just say that there was a lot of talk of ninjas and samurais...not even kidding...if you can guess WHY that would be, I want to hear your theories. Because they are likely wrong. No one could POSSIBLY guess why the conductor told us to be a samarai...this lead to the oboe section giggling about oboe sticks of death...and cowboys...I would try to explain that, but I don't get that one either. Okay so now I should try to get some thoughts going...even thought I just woke up half an hour ago. Rain. It's raining outside...I'm getting magical shivers right now....the kind you get from music...Because "the rain dribbles a musical song...a whole orchestra of music. The thunder applauds it, the lightening takes its picture. Some people love the summers rays, but I perfer a rainy day..." That's part of my poem that I wrote forever ago...but I can remember that. I can't remember the other verses, except this one "The winds thrashes the trees, showing their freedom. Sometimes freedom can kill things, but if life doesn't end it will always be old and never be new. Some people love the summer's rays but I prefer a rainy day"..........why do I remember these two verses in particulare? Probably because I agree with them the most. Maybe someday I'll find that poem again. Because poetry is meant to be found, not hidden. Wow....that was amazing. Okay, I've got to end this post here, but try to remember something. That life sucks sometimes and sometimes you feel kinda dead. But really, I think that sometimes us acorns have to be replanted into another pot so that we can continue growing. And so maybe that can be a little destructive, but it creates new life in us and new opportunities. On that note (I'd say it was more like a 1, 4, 5, 8, in concert B-flat, but that's just me) I'll go and eat breakfast...maybe...actually I want to clean my room...

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