Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry, I'm just REALLY bored...

Okay, I lost count. Is this the third or fourth post today? Yeah, I have no life. So I'm just gonna write some poetry:
There once was a man with a dream,
To invent a new kind of ice cream.
He started with chocolate,
To put in his pocket
Then his pocket was no longer clean.

So off he went to the store,
For there they have pockets galore!
He bought just a few,
But in them was poo,
So he ended up being quite poor.

He decided to use the phone,
To talk to his friend, Lome,
They argued a bit
There was lot's of wit!
Still, he ended up getting a loan.

So then he got back to work
After waiting for his coffee to perk
He used some cat pee
To make some new tea
And that was the end of his work.

Yeah...i am THAT bored...I just wrote that now, and it's not supposed to make a whole lot of sense so don't expect to understand the deeper meaning because there is none. Anyways, I have the MOST ANNOYING LITTLE BROTHER EVER.....He was playing my oboe without my permission!!!! And it's MY oboe. That I payed for with MY OWN MONEY. My oboe costed 200 dollars!!!! PLUS I had to pay for oboe reeds! Which are so expensive! Okay, so by now you are likely not gonna read EVERYTHING that I've been babbling about today....which makes sense, I've been doing TONS of babbling today. But you know what? I'm not done with my babbling. Because I have something to say. You know how I had deleted "this" blog about a month ago? Well, I was kinda almost looking for a freash start...Is that any different from going to a new school? Because all I want right now is another chance at a first impression...Because believe it or not, EVERYONE at school thinks I'm weird...and they say that like it's a BAD thing...There is just one thing that I've never understood. Why do people say "weird" like it's BAD??? It's GOOD! It's weirdtastical!!! If anyone can answer that question, I will be amazed. Because people think that different is wrong and I don't get why that is. I mean, usually when someone calls me "weird" I say "thanks!!!"...and that irritates them SO MUCH!!! It's SO FUNNY! Because they just don't get it. They don't see how people who are weird have SO MUCH MORE FUN! But somehow, I don't want everyone to be weird...because then weird gets a normal and we're back where we started. It's not worth the effort. People are idiots and life sometimes sucks. You know what? I think that right here, right now, I'm gonna say what I think life is. Life is JUST LIKE an oboe reed. Sorry, but it's true. Because oboe reeds don't work perfectly at first, just like how it takes time for life to get going to something worth living. It takes practice to get sound to come out and even longer to get people to listen. Which is just like in life how when we are teenagers, people don't listen to us because we "aren't old enough"..I mean, I wouldn't use a fairly new reed that I'm breaking in at a concert! But eventually I DO need to use that reed. I don't know for sure, but I think that life is just like an oboe reed.

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