Friday, September 5, 2008

Sad Statistics

These aren't the type of statistics that you read about. This is information that I have gathered. It might not be right, but it's been right for three years in a row. Last year, there were three new kids in my class. One of them was already a RTS. The other two weren't. By the end of the first week, all three of them were RTSes. This year, there were a TON of new kids. On the first day, I noticed that about half of them were RTSes. Today I noticed that they all are. See a pattern? I don't know for sure, but I think that new kids always want to fit in, so they change. Maybe it's not something that they realise. Maybe it's natural. But all the new kids are RTSes now. Just because they want to be accepted. Don't they know that there are people like me who would like them just the way they were? Don't they know that there are people like me that like accept anyone? Don't they realise that I was there the whole time? Seeing them? Seeing them change? Don't they know that they didn't have to become a RTS? Don't they know that they could of been friends with me? I talked to them! I invited them to eat lunch with me! I didn't even freak them out by babbling about the metric system! I guess that's my rant for the day. But I still don't get it. Why are so many new kids so desperate to be accepted? I've been a new kid before. I've been in their shoes. I get it. Sure, when I was a new kid in grade seven, I was a RTS. Yes, I admit it! I made the same mistake. But in a couple months, I regretted it. I couldn't stand the was overwhelming. But that doesn't mean that I understand that there are a bunch of new kids all making my mistakes. I can't stand it. Just because I've made the same mistake, doesn't mean that it isn't a mistake. It's a big mistake. Yeah, I'm not that happy with the friends that I've made, but at least we don't fight constantly. I can't remember fighting with ANY of them. Which makes it okay that they aren't the best friends I could ever wish for. But anyways, I've made mistakes. I just don't like watching people make the same mistakes...and I don't wanna look all weird by saying to them "it's a trap! you'll hate hanging out with those people! be friends with ME!"....frankly I think that that would scare them more than anything. I can only see one new student who isn't a RTS. One. But she's becoming one, I can tell. She's been hanging out with RTSes the entire time. But I know that she reads Harry Potter. Oh. OH. Yeah, this is bad. She's hanging out with the same RTSes that I used to hang out with. She has the same hobbies as I did. She plays in band. This is like a repeat from grade seven...having to watch the same thing happen to her. Maybe on monday I'll talk to her some more...Maybe she'd want to hang out with me instead. Maybe I can end this. But wherever there's a maybe, there's also a maybe not. I just wanna help people from making the same mistakes as me. Is that so wrong? Or maybe I should let them make their mistakes. Let them screw up. Maybe they'll learn something...if they ever snap out of RTSism. Which probably wont happen. But it happened to me. But I guess I never was a real RTS...I was still me deep down...or maybe it's like that for everyone. I just don't like watching people make the same mistakes that I did. It's terrible. Usually I would have a conclusion, but I'm still thinking about this one. There's nothing I can do right now. There's nothing that I can do til monday. But do you honestly think that I could figure this out? 'Cus I know that I wont. The thing is, sometimes we know the answer, but we don't wanna admit it.

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