Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Same vs. Equal

Okay, so here's the thing. People are stupid. They ALWAYS without a doubt get these two words mixed up. Same and equal. I know, I know, they are VERY similer. But that's just close...sorry, no cigar. Okay, so WHY am I blogging about this? Um, yeah...don't ask me. I don't know. I just figured it was about time someone said something. It's just that people live under some illusion that you can't be equal without being the same. That's not true. EVERYONE is equal. But you know what's sad? A lot of people are the same too. I mean, people have this irritating habbit of COPYING THE PERSON IN FRONT OF THEM. Yeah. People are sheep. But guess what? I wanna be a frog. You know, metaphorically. Not in "real" life. I mean, my brother MURDERS frogs a LOT. It's mean of him. Okay, back on topic....okay, topics are stupid...it sounds like you're saying "toe pick"...which is really funny. Okay, so back on track (and fast-forwarding through the right track, train track, left track thing) people are stupid. Okay, I know, some people might find that insulting. I'm just gonna treat that as a fact. Anyways, people can be equal, but not the same. See, people are like money. When you go to a different country, you need different money. It's not the same as the money you had, but it's still equal to it. And you need it for your situation. And sometimes one type of money looks like it's worth more, but really it's just a different curency. So, yeah. People are like money. That was the best metaphore that I could come up with for same vs. equal. Also, you know what bothers me? The fact that "same" and "sane" are just one letter off. Which could cause people to think that in order to be sane, you have to be the same. Um, no. Just no. Abnormality is a good thing...i think. I'm not totally sure. I mean, this could be quotation marks all over again. You know the whole, "Quotation marks just say other people's words and are like copy cats, but we need them to make the book make sense"....yeah. You all remember the metaphorical quotation marks. But yeah, the quotation mark theory DOES have a point. And a good one at that. We need a little bit of sameness to be able to make sense of the world. I mean, people are NATURALLY attracted to the familier. I mean, that's why they play the same songs on the radio so much, right? 'Cus the other option is that those songs are brainwashing us...which somehow, I doubt. I guess the moral of the story is that we shouldn't listen to the radio....lol. Just kidding. The moral of the story is that metaphores make way more sense than anything else.


kenzie said...

I hear where your coming from
It brings up the conflict of genders being equal, you know?

andrea-la said...

yeah. it's so stupid how people don't understand how DIFFERENT same and equal are.

kenzie said...

I like your money analogy, it was very well put