Saturday, September 13, 2008


Why are people curious? Why do people get interested in the stupidest of things? Why don't people realise that they could spend their time doing something better? Why don't people see that there are lot's more ways to be spending their time. Why do people think we can only have one calling? Why do people think in generalizations? Why do people seem not to care about the people around them? Why do people ignore the unnessary. Why don't people realise that the unnessary is so often the nessessary. Why is the road to success so often confused with the road to sadness? Why do people care the pepsie and coke taste different? Why do people confuse same with equal? Why do people think that weird is wronge? Why do people think that everyone should act the same to "be polite"? Why do people get all obsessive about things that are so stupid? Why do people waste their money on clothes when they already have a lot of them? Why are people so often self-centered? Why do people like things that are familer? Why do people automatically assume that "nice" weather is warm weather? Why are the words "nice" and "normal" so often in the same sentance? Why am I asking these questions? Why do I not want answers? Why do I think that the answers would be sad? Why would the answers be sad? Why do people care about the answer so much more than the question? Why do people use so much energy getting the answer? Why don't people realise that the answer in itself is unimportant? Why do they ALWAYS use that fact against me during math? Why do they always tell me to show my work? Why can't i just hand my head in? Why do I ask all these questions yet not expect an answer? Why do I ask questions in the first place?

Don't bother answering. Just answer in your head.

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kenzie said...

why is a very simple question with a very difficult answer....I like it